Heatseal’s most recent installation is a set of outward opening French doors with side panels and a large fanlight above the doors. This looks really impressive and we are very pleased with the end result as is the customer, given the size of the install its helpful to know that manufacture of this kind of product takes no longer than the usual lead time for our high quality products. Installation on this UPVC doors and windows set in Perth or any of the surrounding towns in WA would take no more than one day. This particular property was a new-build which made the installation slightly faster but even if this was an upgrade and old windows needed to be removed first we would still be able to complete the install within a day.

This particular install was designed by an architect, the brief was to allow maximum light into the property as there is a large hallway and stairs which could possibly restrict the flow of light throughout the house.

If you are thinking of replacing your double glazing in Perth, Bunbury or anywhere else in WA then get in touch with heatseal, we may be able to use your property as a show home which will cause no inconvenience to you but will provide you with the benefit of a substantial discount on your install. We have limited places available for show homes and the slots are being taken so get in contact with us on the numbers at the top of the page, email or skype us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements with absolutely no obligation.